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Our Mission at Réfrigération G.E.S. inc.: Maintain Water Fountains

P.O.U. coolers

Preventive Maintenance for Maximum Durability

Maintaining your water fountain or cooler may seem like a logical thing to do, but many clients neglect this aspect and use their equipment for years without taking any preventive measures.

At Réfrigération G.E.S. inc., we provide all of the necessary services to keep your equipment in proper working condition, including emptying, purging, cleaning and inspection. Check out the detailed list of our maintenance services. If your equipment is not working, please consult our Repairs section.

Our Maintenance Services

• Emptying of the tank

• Purging of the pre-cooler system (internal lines)

• Purging of the water supply lines

• Cleaning of the condenser

• Cleaning of the drain

• Cleaning of the cover and the jet valve

  (with acid to treat calcium buildup)

• Adjustment of the thermostat

• Adjustment of the valves

• Inspection of the motor and fan

• Verification of the water temperature

• Verification of the water pressure

• Verification of the presence of water (presence of water leakage)

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